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About Us

Executive Search Recruiter
Workforce Planning

Strategic Alliances offers executive search and workforce planning solutions for leading-edge technology companies in the United States and Canada. We pride ourselves on being able to finding the best answers to the toughest questions from corporate professionals and candidates. We handle a wide range of job positions including executives, managers, developers, as well as marketing and sales people.

Focused On The Future
Strategic Alliances career services go far beyond the typical recruiter, because we emphasize the long-term relationship. We assist companies in considering all possible candidates that can fill a position successfully. We only recommend solutions that are in everyone's best interest.

We successfully mesh corporate and career goals. We analyze corporate values in conjunction with the values perceived by management, the sales force and other employees, to ensure that corporate strategy and workforce planning are completely integrated.

The Strategic Alliances Process

Setting Goals
  • Where are you now, career-wise?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What are the most important conditions to consider in your new career?
Matching the right personality as well as the right skills to the right job is something at which we excel.

Every candidate has different goals they want to achieve in their career. Some are looking for more money, some are looking for a decrease in commuting, some are looking for less corporate politics, etc. Whatever you're looking for, we can find it.

Taking Action
We encourage you to take action. Submit your resume and visit our Career tips section for helpful resources and information.